Upcoming Welsh clothing label: Amazing Aardvark

Amazing Aarvark Womens Rolled Sleeve Tee. Image source:

Amazing Aardvark Womens Rolled Sleeve Tee from the Beastees range. Image credit:

Amazing Aardvark is a new independent clothing label based in Cardiff, which launched on 1st November. The idea behind Amazing Aardvark is to produce clothing featuring quirky animals which represent every letter of the alphabet. The label are releasing the animals in alphabetical order, hence why the aardvark takes precedence as the letter A!

The brains behind Amazing Aardvark are Paul James and Lauren Chatwin, who both had the idea to set up a clothing label whilst chatting earlier this year about wacky animals such as aardvarks. Lauren, bursting with excitement sketched an aardvark which turned out to be amazing and… BANG Amazing Aardvark was born! Now Paul is director of the label and Lauren is creative director.

Lauren, who designs the animals, has drawn every single other animal to represent the rest of the alphabet after A. The animals will feature on a range of T-Shirts and sweaters which will be released next year. So for now it’s a guessing game as to which animal will represent the letter B….?

The clothing label is eco-friendly and organic, using only 100% organic cotton for the garments. Amazing Aardvark also put an emphasis on the importance of sustaining the local economy in South Wales through having the embroidery and screen printing for the clothing done in Wales.

aardvark range

Amazing Aardvark T-shirt, unisex sweatshirt, unisex hoodie and tote bag from the Beasties and Lonely Aardvark ranges. Image credit:

Amazing Aardvark’s designer, Lauren, loves 80s fashion which includes statement T-shirts with big logos, which was a major inspiration for the range. Amazing Aardvark has two ranges –  the Beastees and the Lonely Aardvark which are for different age groups.

The beasties are primarily for young people in their twenties and children. Whilst the Lonely Aardark range is for young professionals and an older demographic. With the signature logo of an aardvark, the Lonely Aardvark range seeks to emulate the success of iconic logos such as Ralph Lauren‘s polo player and Abercrombie and Fitch‘s moose.

Director of Amazing Aardvark, Paul said:

“Now the aardvark has been launched, we want to focus on releasing the other animals in small clusters and keep people guessing as to what other quirky animals will feature. We plan to release the animal beginning with the letter B before Christmas. There will be a competition soon to guess which animal it is”.

But, for now Chic to Street will sit and ponder what unusual animal Amazing Aardvark have chosen for the letter B. Will it be a budgie or will it be a baboon? What do you think?



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