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Blogger Roxanne Louise from Simply Roxilicious guest posts on Chic to Street about the vintage trends she spotted at Retro Sundays

After visiting  Retro Sundays, a monthly vintage fair held in Leaf teashop in Liverpool last Sunday and shopping around other vintage shops in Liverpool, I spotted a few KEY TRENDS:

Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey


Flapper girl style. Image credit: Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious

With Baz Luhrman’s version of The Great Gatsby having just been released on DVD and everyone watching the period drama Downton Abbey, the vintage market in Liverpool seems to have  embraced these period dramas. The vintage stallholders have definitely caught on to this trend and I saw many a sequin dress that would make even the most fashionable Flapper Girl swoon. I also saw plenty of outfits that would not look out of place on the set of Downton Abbey.



Grunge. Image credit: Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious

It’s the style we can’t escape from,  grunge. As the 90’s grunge look has hit the High Street, it’s also invaded the vintage world. Leather Biker style jackets and floaty feminine dresses paired with Doc Martens and you can’t go wrong. The advantage of vintage compared to the High Street is that it’s likely most of the vintage outfits you see are from the Grunge movement the first time round and the clothes you find in the vintage shops are more individual than the high street buys.



Keep warm in a faux fur this winter. Image credit: Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious

This is my first time that I have been to a vintage fair and seen a collection of real fur hats, coats and stoles. Perhaps because it’s winter the stallholders decided to promote real fur as it would certainly keep you warm. Although I have to say my personal stance is that I would not wear fur, vintage or not. I would recommend shopping around  carefully as there are some amazing faux fur coats that look fantastic. They look almost genuine and they’re cheaper and easier to look after than real fur.

For more information about Retro Sundays at Leaf, Liverpool visit

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Roxanne. Image credit: Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious

My name is Roxanne and as a lover of vintage fashion, I am often found trawling around vintage shops and rocking the Retro look. I write a blog: The blog is a bit of a mixed bag, (a bit like me) where I write about life, make-up, fashion, food & drink and roller derby, so feel free to check it out and say hello if you’d like to know more.


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