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Unique Christmas gifts from 1991INC

Looking for a striking Christmas gift? Blogger Dinesha Johnson guest posts on Chic to Street about 1991INC’s sweaters.

1991INC is an American clothing brand that has been growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. It has some of the boldest, most original sweaters I have seen in a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the versatility in a nice cream sweater, but when you need to spice it up 1991INC is the place to go!

Not only are these sweaters great for a personal purchase but they make great last minute Christmas gifts too. It’s okay to admit that you’re a last minute shopper, it happens to the best of us.

Last minute shopping tends to happen when we’re stumped about what to get our loved ones, but don’t worry about that! I know for sure you’ll easily find something from 1991INC.

Think of that one relative or friend who’s known for their love of quirky items… they would love this clothing brand!

I have created ‘For her’ and ‘For him’ mood boards of 1991INC sweaters and will show you how you can style them. Here are my top present picks for him and for her (and maybe you):

‘For her’

1991 for her

1991 INC’s womenswear collection. Image credit: Dinesha Johnson.

From left to right: 1. Green Tea Cherry Blossom Sweater, 2. Neon Mountain Sweater, 3. Roaring Leopard Sweater. Image credit: Dinesha Johnson via Polyvore.

1. The first sweater above is the Green Tea Cherry Blossom Sweater. The colours are light and great for a more feminine look. Check out the sweater here:

2. This sweater is full of rich, bright colour. I would let this sweater stand out on its own and pair black with it. Check out the sweater here:

3. This is for the fierce and fearless. I adore this leopard roaring, it’s such a statement. Why not dress it up with some gold and red? Check out the sweater here:

‘For him’

1991 for him

1991 INC’s menswear collection. Image credit: Dinesha Johnson

From left to right: 1. Bacon Sweater, 2 Grizzly Bear Sweater, 3. Great Wave Sweater. Image credit: Dinesha Johnson via Polyvore.

1. This sweater is for the playful hungry man. When he wears this he’ll think of you…and breakfast. Check out the sweater here:

2. This sweater is great for daring guys who love an edge. It doesn’t get much edgier than a snarling grizzly bear. Check out the sweater here:

3. This is abstract and slightly artful. A guy who can appreciate drawing will be thankful for this. Check out the sweater here:

Get Christmas shopping at 1991 INC, they ship worldwide so there’s no excuse not to check this clothing brand out! These sweaters will definitely make it a Christmas to remember!



Dinesha Johnson. Image credit: Dinesha Johnson

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