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We would all love a Mulberry secretly

Mulberry has just announced a drop in profits over the Christmas period. But it’s still a lusted after brand.

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 13.08.11

A Mulberry handbag. Image credit: Rooey2002

Mulberry has just reported a loss in profits after their sales dropped over Christmas.

Whilst this will have come as a shock to the brand all is not lost. I would love to invest in a Mulberry handbag but I’m a student and do not have the money to pay for a T-shirt from Topshop let alone a designer handbag worth more than £300.

I’ve always said to myself that when I get my first graduate job and that first pay cheque I will treat myself to a Mulberry bag.

This plan may even be put on hold due to the debts I’ve wracked up by studying. In which case I may be in my thirties by the time I am able to buy a Mulberry.

Saving up enough money to pay the monthly rent is hard enough. Buying a designer handbag is the last thing on any typical students mind.

Despite the recent news Mulberry is still a sought-after brand. I see more Mulberry handbags on women’s arms than any other designer bag which says something.

Have you invested in a Mulberry handbag or have the desire to? Leave a comment below.


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