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Vintage shopping tips

Blogger Roxanne Louise from Simply Roxilicious guest posts on Chic to Street about how to perfect vintage shopping

lou lou's vintage fair leeds

Lou’s Lou’s vintage fair which runs fairs across the UK, including in Leeds (see above). Image credit: Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair

Socialise and network

Not just online, but offline! As the stallholders at vintage fairs and and shop owners get to know you, they become more friendly with you and from them you can learn of other great vintage fairs and shops to visit. I have even had stall holders recommend items for me and hold them for me to try on first, as they feel they’d suit me.

Try things on

As time has progressed body shapes have changed, sizes and styles of clothing have changed. So what may be a size 14 vintage item is likely to be a lot smaller. And how would you know if something suits you without trying it on?


I’m a strong believer in wearing what I like and expressing myself in the way I look. I’m not afraid of mixing and matching eras, so if you want to wear that 1950’s dress with heels, or even Converse, then do it. Vintage to me is about fun and self expression, so be bold and create your own individual style.

Travel further afield

As fashion trends can sometimes vary in different towns and cities, don’t be afraid to travel further afield to get the vintage clothes you like. If you really like the 1940’s look but they’re not doing it where you live, research on the internet and find out where is.

Check that it’s authentic vintage

Remember that vintage clothing is secondhand clothing, it has been pre-owned and loved by someone else before. However the term vintage is sometimes used so a seller can mark a price up higher, I have often found some items that are advertised as vintage when they’re probably last seasons offerings from the high street.

Also remember that with Secondhand clothing comes problems. Check the clothes fully, if there’s a stain on it or a funny smell ask yourself is it worth paying for it. Most of these stains and smells are not likely to come out, but if it’s fixable then go for it. Also check for moth damage, the last thing you want is a moth infestation eating away at all your clothes.


You like the item, but your purse does not? Or perhaps there’s a button missing, or a little bit of sewing needed? Well decide yourself on how much you feel the item is worth and then barter away. Sometimes you’ll be successful, others you won’t, but don’t ever pay more for an item if you don’t think it’s worth it. I got a faux fur coat reduced from £55 to £30 as there was a little bit of a rip in the lining that I knew I could fix. Just smile, ask nicely and barter away!



Roxanne. Image credit: Roxanne from Simply Roxilicious

My name is Roxanne, and as a lover of vintage fashion, I am often found trawling round vintage shops and rocking the Retro look. I write a blog: The blog is a bit of a mixed bag, (a bit like me) where I write about life, make-up, fashion, food & drink and roller derby, so feel free to check it out and say hello if you’d like to know more.


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